Meet the shiMMer Team.....

26/03/2018 17:53



I’m Carol and as owner and founder of the Books Laid Bare blog, I have a passion for words that shows no signs of abating and a kindle library that is totally out of control.

Married for a timespan that my husband likes to describe it as “Lots”, we have two happy, settled adult children and two fabulous granddaughters, so I would have to say that in the scheme of things I feel truly blessed (well, most of the time I do!)

I work full time as a Facilities Manager for a Global Software provider and enjoy the fact that no two days are the same. I find that the pressures of the position means, that I have learnt to enjoy my free time and for me that means I am either buried in a book or pottering about on my blog…not a bad place to be really.

Primarily an MF reader, I have been gradually introduced into all things MM since meeting up with Suzanne, another third of the ShiMMer organising team and the woman in control of the Books Laid Bare Boys blog.

While our shared passion for books was the catalyst for our friendship in 2014, it wasn’t until 2016 that I began to work with Fiona… the Aramis to our Athos & Porthos (see I do read more than just Romance!) when we started the organisation of the first ShiMMer event, but I will say that I actually first met Fiona in 2013 when I attended my very first book signing in London … It’s funny how things work out!

Since being involved with the organisation of ShiMMer 2017, I have to say that I have been blown away by not only the fabulous authors, but also the readers that call MM home and getting to meet some of them in person last year was a privilege.

When it comes to ShiMMer, I may not be as visible as both Suzanne and Fiona on social media, rest assured that I am every bit as involved behind the scenes and come Feb 2019…you won’t be able to miss me!


Hi, my name’s Fiona. I have a hubby and two grown daughters. I am North West London, born and bred, but love to travel. I work practically full time and have a very active social life with family and friends. And then there’s this crazy, beautiful, amazing other part of my life – the book world. I started off reading MF and established myself as MF author, Jessie Courts, but once I discovered MM, all bets were off! I love it! It has brought so many fantastic people into my life; authors, readers, bloggers, models - it’s been an incredible journey so far. I guest review for Books Laid Bare Boys; make up one third of the shiMMer team, and write MM under the author name of Viva Gold. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone at shiMMer 2019, and despite all the ups and downs the MM book community has had recently, am still really proud to be part of it.



Hi, for those of you that don’t already know me, my name is Sue and I own and run Books Laid Bare Boys, the blog presenting shiMMer.

Married to my husband for almost 30 years, I have 3 beautiful children who support me in my mad endeavours. If you attended shiMMer last time, you would have met my 2 girls who were a fantastic support on the day.

For me, this part of my journey started with the Twilight conventions. I met so many new friends at these wonderful weekends and progressed to book signings from there. It was at a meet up for like minded literary lovers that I met Carol, one third of the team. We hit it off straight away and on one of our drunken weekends away we set up a page to run alongside the Books Laid Bare blog that Carol runs. Books Laid Bare Boys was born out of my love for men who love men and the passion I have for telling the world about them all.

I met Fiona, the other third of our team, at another signing and our shared love of all things male has resulted in some seriously fun weekends…..

Meeting the authors I love to read is an absolute pleasure so to be able to bring them all to you in a fabulously shiMMery package is something I can’t wait to do again.

See you all there…