How Fiona Feels


Hi everyone,


My name is Fiona and I love MM! I’m London born and bred and happen to think it’s the most amazing city in the world. I have a (very understanding) husband and 2 grown up daughters who roll their eyes at me a lot. If you know me at all you’ll probably say I’m loud, brash, hilariously funny and completely obsessed with gorgeous male bums. 


I’m so excited that BLBB invited me to be part of their amazing blog. I love, love, love MM and read such a diverse range of books within the genre that I’m more than happy to add a review here and there. I have had the great fortune to meet many fabulous MM authors at various meets over the past 2 years. I have met and made so many friends through our mutual love for reading, but discovering MM is way more than just a book thing. Supporting LGBT+ has become such a joy in my life because the people I have encountered along the way are so inspiring. I volunteered at London Pride last year which was fantastic. I attended Prowler and Hustlaball this year which was an experience I’ve yet to process but made so many new friends it was totally phenomenal. I went to the UK MM meet in Southampton and that was so educational on so many levels it is something I will always value. And then of course there are the on-line forums and groups that have become as much daily sustenance as food and water! It’s all brilliant, but of course at the very heart of everything is the books…


BBLB is a quality blog and I want to thank Suzanne for all her hard work and for letting me be a part of it.