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My name is Sue, I'm a mum to 3 very beautiful children, a son and 2 daughters who think their mum is a little bit crazy but love the fact that I'm having fun.

  The book world has led me to some wonderful places and I have met some fantastic people who are now very good friends.I don't exclusively read MM books, I love all sorts of Romance and Erotica but this is my genre of preference.I have to admit that there is something about these books that not only draws me in but keeps me hooked.
  The men seem to love harder( no pun intended), fuck harder ( totally intended) and the romance is just a little bit sweeter.
I can read any type of MM from innocent love stories to the hardest, dirtiest and sometimes I have to say the most completely depraved books I have ever come across.

I started, like most of us seem to with Jackie Collins, Danielle Steele and the old favourite, Mills and Boon. I love Anne Rice, vampires are hot!! and it was the Twilight series that led me to conventions and then on to an mf book signing and that is where I met Carol, the founder of Books Laid Bare which is the mf partner to this blog. The Boys page was started as we thought that the genre deserved it's own page as it often gets lost in the ever growing world of books.

     Never one to follow the masses, I am proud to say that my reviews and opinions are 100% my own, and I hope that you enjoy my musings.
  If I help to highlight the scope and diversity of the genre and to bring new authors to your attention then I will be a happy woman.