Portents Series by Ruth Redd

29/07/2019 20:31


Moya is a young Alpha on the verge of Manifesting, but all he can think about is the beautiful boy he grew up with, the Omega he desires above all else.

Aeryn is Moya’s best friend, but both of them crave the day when they are old enough to take their relationship further, when their love may go beyond the precious gift of a heated kiss.

Moya must experience his first Rut, a traditional ceremony he dreads with all his heart because he wants Aeryn to be the one. More than anything he hankers to share his knot with the young Omega, and the thought of having to experience his first time with a complete stranger only makes his resolve to claim Aeryn for himself even stronger.

As the ceremony ends, an earthquake rocks their peaceful existence and sets off a chain of events that will change their lives forever.

As Moya and Aeryn discover to their cost, not all packs are born equal.

‘Portents’ is the first in a brand-new Shifter series with a distinct sci-fi voice.





What readers are saying:

“I found myself taken with some of the characters, particularly Kaden and Jared; their emotions, their loves, disappointments, secrets, all felt realistic.” 4 Star  Review by Verified Amazon Purchaser

“This book was absolutely wonderful! Definitely a must read, the excitement alone will keep you turning those pages, a new adventure, lots of mystery and secrets reviled! This a beautiful love story between two sweet guys! So many thanks”- 5 Star Review by Honey Bee, a Verified Amazon Purchaser




Moontime has arrived, and the Wolves are coming.

Aeryn is experiencing his first Heat, but Moya is not there to help him through his Manifestation.

Moya is with the Archivist at their sacred Temple, but his very existence is brought into doubt as a shocking secret is revealed to him. But the wolves are on the rampage, and Moya and his friends must fight for their lives as they try to get back to Retreat.

Aeryn is torn between his love for Moya and the intoxicating attraction of the wolf leader.

Will Aeryn find his fated mate, and who will he choose?

Moya must fight against his beliefs and the truth to save Retreat, but how much must he sacrifice to save his pack from the horror of Moontime?

Kaden will do anything to keep Airis safe and  the child which grows inside the Beta. But how far will he go to keep his mate safe?

The fight for survival has begun, and as Retreat comes under siege, Moya will learn the true meaning of grief. Alpha, Omega and Beta will never mean the same again.

‘Portents part 2’ is the second in a startling new Shifter series with a distinct sci-fi voice. This book deals with coming of age, friends to lovers, first love and fated mates. It contains scenes of an erotic nature as well as dealing with themes such as grief, betrayal and identity.






What readers are saying:

“Absolutely wonderful, loved everything about this story! The Author will keep you positively spellbound with excitement” - 5 Star Review by  Honey Bee, a Verified Amazon Purchaser


“WOW! Again, I was blown away after reading part 2 of this epic novel. The writing is precise and imaginative and it took my breath away. I loved the passion which was shown in writing this novel and I cried because of some of the events. This Author sure knows how to pull on your heartstrings”- Amazon Verified Purchase - 5 Star Review by  Maggie23