RELEASE BLITZ....Alpha's Sacrifice by Nora Phoenix

10/04/2018 22:45

Book Title: Alpha’s sacrifice (Irresistible Omegas Book One)

Author: Nora Phoenix

Release date: April 12 2018

Cover Design: Vicki Brostenianc (Vic’s Pics)



Four men, brought together by fate, connected in more powerful ways than they’d ever imagined.

Lidon, the powerful alpha-cop, determined to never trust another partner—until he helps the vulnerable omega through his heat and connects with him in a way that leaves him reeling.

Enar, the alpha-doctor who dedicates his life to serving omegas who need his help. He works himself to the bone, anything to drown out his inner voices that scream at him he’s not a real alpha.

Palani, the sassy beta reporter who will do anything to save his omega lover, even if it means watching another man claim him.

Vieno, the omega who suffers from a medical condition that requires an alpha’s help. It was supposed to be sex, but his attraction to the alpha goes much deeper. But how can he betray Palani like this?

When Vieno’s freedom is endangered, he needs Lidon to save him. The alpha steps up, but the consequences of his choice are more far-reaching than anyone of them had foreseen.

Four men try to figure out what they are to each other amidst political unrest, investigations into corruption and fraud, a medical issue that is far bigger and more sinister than it seemed at first, and old legends that are turning out to be real.

Alpha’s Sacrifice is an MMMM mpreg romance and the first book in the Irresistible Omegas series. It is not a stand-alone and ends on a cliffhanger. Please note trigger warnings for mentions of rape, sexual assault, suicide, miscarriage, and abortions and a minor storyline involving depression.

Excerpt 1

Vieno hummed along to Barbra Streisand as he emptied the kitchen cupboards. It had been months since he’d taken all the china and glassware out and had cleaned the shelves with the lemon-scented cleaner he preferred. Cleaning always calmed him, and considering how twisted his insides felt, like his stomach was corkscrewed, he could do with a little soothing. 

Ten days until his next heat. Ten days until he had to make a decision all over again, to use suppressants or not. To seek a caretaker or not. To find the courage to approach Lidon…or not. 

His mind was saying one thing, his heart another, and his body, oh, his body knew exactly what it wanted. How fucked up was that? It was a lose-lose-lose situation. 

If he asked a caretaker—that’s what his mind was urging him to do—he’d lose part of his dignity, maybe even part of himself. He wasn’t sure if he would ever recover from being treated like a whore again, which was undoubtedly what would happen. His mind might be okay with it, but his soul wasn’t.

If he took the suppressants—the option his heart was telling him—he’d reset the improvement of his health and once again start on that not-so-slow decline. Plus, they were weighing heavy on their budget, and even with both their jobs they cost too much money to afford long term.

Yet if he asked Lidon—and his body was begging him to please, accept his knot again—it would chip away at Palani’s love for him all over again. How many times until there was nothing left but brokenness? 


Excerpt 2


Lidon stepped into the living room, where Enar sat on the couch, talking to Vieno. The difference in his appearance was staggering. Whereas before he’d been pale with sunken cheeks and dark circles around his eyes, he was now glowing in comparison. He was super cute with his dirty blond spikes, his blue eyes that reminded Lidon of the ocean, and his lean body with that amazing plump ass.

He was also sitting way, way too close to Enar, and Lidon’s alpha let out a possessive little growl. It made Vieno look up, and his cheeks stained with an adorable blush as he rose to greet Lidon.

“Hi,” Vieno said with an awkward little wave.

Lidon bit back a smile. The kid had zero flirting game, that much was obvious. Then again, neither had Lidon.

“Hi,” Lidon said back, then extended his hand, just because he wanted to touch him.

Vieno stepped closer to take his hand, and his scent wafted into Lidon’s nose. He frowned. It smelled all wrong. He reeked of sex, but not his own pheromones. No, he smelled like… Lidon grabbed Vieno’s hand and pulled him closer to take a good sniff. His alpha growled again, displeased to detect another man’s presence.

“Did you fuck him before we came?” he asked Palani, his voice rough. His hand was still holding on to Vieno, whose eyes widened.

“This morning. It was our last time, our goodbye,” Palani said, his voice trembling. Lidon never looked at him, but it was easy to spot the deep emotions behind that statement.

Enar sighed. “God, you two really don’t know shit, do you? Lidon’s alpha will never accept Vieno if he smells like another man, not even if it’s a beta.”

“We didn’t know!” Palani’s voice rose, both in volume and in pitch. “Please, don’t let my mistake ruin it for Vieno. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…encroach on your territory.”

Again, the lengths to which this stubborn beta was willing to go for his lover astounded Lidon. Still, it didn’t solve the problem. Even though he felt the attraction to Vieno, the connection they’d experienced before, his alpha wanted nothing to do with him while he smelled like Palani. If he wanted to consider this whole marriage thing, he’d have to first erase that scent.


Excerpt 3


Enar was drunk off his ass. There were more polite ways to describe his current state of inebriation, but the truth was that he and Palani had done exactly what he’d proposed. They’d found a bar close to city hall where they’d ordered enough beers to knock out a small army and had topped it off with a bottle of expensive whiskey. Enar was sure he was gonna regret the second, if only because he had it billed to Lidon and his friend would have to say something about that three-figure bill at some point. 

Not that he cared, because he didn’t. As a matter of fact, there was a whole lot he didn’t care about right now, except his solemn vow not to puke his guts out in the cab they were taking. The driver had warned them sternly they’d have to pay for cleaning when they did. Enar had assured him he was a doctor and that he damn well knew how to throw up. Or how not to. At least, that’s what he thought he said. Apparently, it had worked, because they were in the cab, weren’t they? 

“Where we going again?” he asked, frustrated when his tongue got stuck on the w. 

“To your place, remember?”

“Right.” There had been a reason for that, but Enar couldn’t remember. “Why?” he asked.

“Because my place smells like Vieno, and I don’t want to think about him right now.”

“Right. ‘Cause Lidon’s fucking him,” he said helpfully, then clamped his hand on his mouth. “Oops. Sorry. Didn’t mean to say that.”

Palani sighed. “’S all good. I want him to be happy.”

Enar nodded, wincing as that motion was a little too vigorous for his physical state. “He’s hot,” he declared.

“Who, Lidon or Vieno?”

“Both, but I meant Vieno. God, have you seen his ass? It’s, like, perfect…”

“Dude, you’re not helping here,” Palani said, but he sounded more amused than angry.

“S-sorry. You’re hot too if that helps,” Enar assured him. 

“I am? That’s so sweet of you. What’s hot about me, since you’re in the mood to share…”

Enar closed his eyes for a second and cocked his head. “Your mouth,” he decided. “You have a sassy mouth, and I wanna see that mouth wrapped around my cock.” He opened his eyes again, happy that the world wasn’t spinning too much when he did. “But the rest of your body is nice as well. Come to think of it, your ass was perfect…so damn tight. Can I fuck you again?”

Palani snickered. “I would be surprised if you can even get it up right now. You’re dead drunk, bro.”

“Nope. I’m drunk off my ass.”

“Same difference.”

Enar considered that for a second. “Nope, it’s not. Dead drunk sounds like you’re not having fun, but I’m having tons of fun. I like being drunk.”

“Do you now?” Palani asked, still with that amusement in his voice. 


Author Bio

When she was a little tot, Nora’s mom got a library subscription for her. That, as they say, was that, and a lifelong love for books was born. Nora never stopped reading and doesn’t exaggerate when she says she devours books, rather than plain reads them. She started writing stories as soon as she could hold a pen, and wrote her first full book as a teen (on a typewriter!). It took her waaaay too long to follow her dream to become a romance author.

Nora writes M/M romance, because hello, sexy boys, and likes her men flawed, strong, and a tad broken. She appreciates a little kink but insists on a happy ever after.

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