Sinister Hunger by Katze Snow

22/04/2018 09:27



“Let’s go over the basics, shall we?” Maddox poured a generous amount of blood into his wineglass and lifted. “You will address me as your Sir at all times. You will obey my every order. You will not question, resist, or sully any of that which I demand of you.” Vincent’s neck stiffened at the words, but he knew better than to voice what he really wanted to say. He had to think of his group. “Yes… Sir.” “Now repeat the contract rules for me. I want to see that you know your place and I needn’t remind you of it. Should I have to… Well, we will not come to that, now will we?” He took a sip from his glass, silver eyes pressed on Vincent. “Go.” Vincent gritted his teeth. “My sponsor and I are bound for eternity.” “Next." “My sponsor will decide who and what I am.” “Next.” “My former life no longer exists.” “And again.” “I am at my sponsor’s mercy; they may do with me as they see fit.” “The last one?” Vincent gulped, the words catching in his throat. “I must always obey my sponsor.”