A Summer of Guiltless Sex by Dan Skinner

Bill goes through men at an alarming rate....

It's not his fault, he tries his best to be the good boyfriend, attentive, supportive, always on his knees ready to please.

No matter how hard he works at things, no one seems to want him long term.

Ted works as a lifeguard at the complex where Bill lives.

He has a girlfriend but can't figure out why.

She doesn't like the fact that he wants to be an actor and wants him to get a proper job.

When the two men meet and become friends, although Ted is straight, they decide between them that what they need is one summer of guiltless sex.

At the end when Ted has to go back to school it will be over, no guilt, no attatchment, just lots of fun.

Together they embark on a journey like they will never have again, bike riding, sky diving, exploring each other and getting back to what they love best.

Ted auditions for a play and Bill rediscovers his love for design.

The arrangement is perfect for both of them and they have just the one long summer.......

Will they both really be able to let each other go at the end of it.

This was a lovely read about finding yourself and that dreams really can come true if you have the right people helping you.

I loved both the men and the relationship they developed.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x