Timing by Ashley John

Sometimes in life timing is everything, not when it comes to love though.....

Tom has been working hard, trying to get the promotion he deserves. For some reason though, he is overlooked at every turn.

His life is filled with work, weekends alone and his cat.

Cole wants to stay on the farm he was raised on, his aunt however is having money troubles so he is forced to take a job in a bar to try and keep the bills paid.

When Tom is late for work one day, due to a night out with his best friend Ricky, also known as Miss Kitty Litter, he runs in to Cole at the train station who is off to his new job.

Now when i say run, I mean literally!!!!

The 2 men crash in to each other and Cole's coffee ends up all over Tom.

When they get on the train, Cole thinks that's the last they will see of each other until Tom walks in to his new place of work at lunchtime.

A sort of relationship begins but Tom keeps going on about timing, not realising that the man in front of him could be the very thing he needs.

Both men have their fair share of problems, Cole is trying to save the farm, Tom is trying to work his way up in a job he isn't sure he wants anymore.

Finding himself falling in love he sees his priorities start to change and his future seem brighter.

Will the timing be right for these 2 men to get what they want in life.

As always with this authors work, you are drawn in to the story from the very start.

Such fantastically written characters, you want them to get their happy ever after.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x