Any Given Lifetime by Leta Blake

This book is what dreams are made of and I didn't want it to end....
Can you imagine losing the love of your life, being left behind with a void you never thought you would fill again?
This is exactly what happened to Joshua. One minute he had the man of his dreams and the next he was facing a lifetime alone.
He never thought he would get over Neil and I can imagine it's the same for anyone, you never think you could replace them but sometimes, just sometimes you get lucky twice!!
When he meets Lee he can't believe he could love again, he not only finds love but a man who accepts that his feelings for Neil will never die...
Somewhere though, biding his time is the reincarnation of his dead love. Watching his man move on and live again is painful for Neil but he has to grow up first.
Waiting is hard, seeing Joshua happy is almost too much but when the two men meet again to work on a project, can Neil hold back or will his love just be too powerful to keep hidden.
Sometimes second chances are worth waiting for.
An amazingly powerful story from an author that I love, what could be better?
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x