My Kind Of Man by AG Silver

My Kind of Man was definitely my kind of book.
I love the Daddy kink anyway and this took it all the way.
When it comes to Littles, Michael fits the role to a tee. He wants to be one on a daily basis and is perfect for a Daddy that wants someone to love. 
As with any kink, it's not for everyone and I know there are some that will more than likely hate this book as they don't understand the mindset of the people in it.
For some though it's a way of life and the author has quite clearly researched it well. The terminology, the actions of both parties is pretty much perfect.
I love the way that both men are able to set it aside when it comes to the physical side of the relationship though as that is probably a step too far....
I'd love more books like this!!
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x