Delphini: Damage Control and Once Upon An Ocania by Hannah Walker

These are 2 novellas that support the Avanti Chronicles.

In the first one we follow what happens to Dax and Bell after their escape pod crashes.

Bell has been injured and his inner Darintha is begging to be let out but it's too dangerous, it would make the injuries worse so he will just have to wait.

Both men are desperately worried about the other 4 men in their team but with comms down they just need to concentrate on healing Bell and waiting for good news.

After a while they are found by a man and his 2 grandchildren who help them, feed them and give them shelter.

Little did they know that being offworlders could cause the kind family many problems.

The journey they take to find their friends is not an easy one but along the way they meet good many good people, the beasts called Refrinti and also discover how beautiful the planet is......

Fields of wildflowers in the most wonderful colours and mountains and valleys waiting to be explored.

The descriptive writing from the author transports you to the planet, if i closed my eyes i could see what the men were seeing and almost smell the flowers.

In the second book, it is Ocania, the day when lovers celebrate each other, sometimes with gifts and romantic dinners but mainly just being together.

We are back with the whole gang in this one, Corin and Kel, Tate and Dax and the others.

Corin and Kel's baby Chance is growing and Bell has agreed to babysit for the whole night so they can celebrate.

Niko has decided that he will help. He is attracted to Bell but doesn't know if the feeling is reciprocated.

We catch up with Tir who is struggling with his growing feelings towards Hunter.

Seems like Ocania has affected the whole planet......

This book is filled with lots of love and lots of laughter.

The children in the story are a joy to read about and bring everyone together.

Sadly as always there is an element of hate from the opposing clan, when Bell and Niko encounter them, after the most beautiful kiss ever, Bell shifts to Darintha form to protect them but this leaves him terribly exhausted and bedridden.

More relationships develop in this book, ready to link us in to the next stories and as always Tate is on his usual sexually charged form.

This is just a brilliant series and I can't wait for the next book......

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x