Full Domain by Kindle Alexander

Meet Kreed Sinacola, Deputy US Marshall and all round badass.

The ongoing case he is on to find out who shot a friend requires some expert help in the field of technology.

Enter Aaron Stuart.

A computer whizzkid who was hired after he hacked government files, better to have him close than revealing secrets.

These men had only ever met over the internet and when they actually see each other the sexual tension is evident straight away.

Kreed has a policy though, never sleep with someone you work with, so that gives him a few hours before they officially begin to get Aaron in to bed....

As much as Aaron can't believe his luck, he also has a policy. Never sleep with someone who might be clever enough to figure out what he is hiding.

At the briefing, Aaron finds out he is going to be a bit more involved than he wanted to be, he apparently will fit the part of churchgoing geek nicely.

To infiltrate the organisation he believes is behind the attacks, they need a man on the inside to hack computers and set up traps.

With a bit of a makeover he is perfect for the job.....

What he finds on the inside however is hate like he has never felt before.

This book kept me up all night, i didn't want to put it down even to sleeep.

I loved the intense feelings between the 2 men, the camaraderie between the other guys from the series, the twists and turns in the case and the sex was off the scale....

This was a perfect end to the series and yet another great read from this author.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x