Lead Me Not by Ann Gallagher

Is being gay a choice, can you really just snap your fingers and turn your back on the one you love.

Isaac Morris seems to think so........

Being part of one of the highest profile homophobic churches has never been a problem for Isaac.

He attends any event he can with his family to spread the word as loudly as possible, being gay is a sin and you will burn for it!!!

When challenged at an event on his beliefs that you can simply choose to not be gay, he and his sister decide to make an undercover documentary to prove it is all in the mind.

He will become gay, record it all and then simply turn his back on the lifestyle.

The rest of his family are worried for his soul with the exception of one brother who fears he is losing his son to the dark side.

Can Isaac really do this to save his nephew?

Unfortunately for Isaac things don't quite go to plan and he finds himself being beaten in a back alley by his own kind, gay bashers.

When the staff of the club come to his rescue, he meets Colton Roberts, the bartender.

They develop an unlikely friendship and Isaac is suprised to find out that Colton attends church as well and that maybe all his ideas about the hate in the bible have been misinterpreted.

Slowly, very slowly, he finds himself drawn to Colton.

Colton has his own reasons for taking things at his own pace.

Being cast out, beaten, raped, abused and strung out on drink and drugs will do funny things to your mind.

He was ultimately saved by Pastor Mike, the head of his church and now helps run the place, looking after other kids in his situation.

Neither of the men were looking for a relationship but you can't help who you fall for.

What will happen if Colton finds out who he really has in his bed at night?

What will Isaacs's family do if they find out he has fallen in love with a man?

Can the documentary change everything both men ever thought they believed in?

This book really makes you sit up and think, can we ever really choose who we love? Can we choose not to love them if others say it isn't right?

I think it was written well and you could feel the pain and passion the characters were experiencing.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x