Street of Dreams by Jenna Galicki

The Road to Rocktoberfest #4
Ok so I always knew this was going to be my favourite in the series. I absolutely love every word this author writes and this book did not let me down in any way.....
We meet Reid, busking on the streets, till his best friend steps in and pushes him to new levels. He always knew he was going to make it and had been saving hard to break away from the place he lived.
For Jake, where he lives is his life. Whether it was what he wanted or not, he was the man that ran the Street of Dreams, but also the man with hidden desires.
When the two men come together, the story explodes and really takes off. We have secrets, past pain, and a passionate coming together that kept me totally hooked till the last word.
Neither man has any idea what their life holds but let me tell you now, it's one that you won't want to miss.
5 out of 5 stars
Sue x