A Heart Divided (Social Sinners #3) by T.L. Travis

Being the 3rd book in a series I am always a little worried that it won't live up to the way things are going. Silly me!!!
We follow the lives of the Social Sinners, a band made up of 4 friends and this is Mickey's story.
He was always the one I wondered would have a happy ending and in this story he has two. 
Hooking up with a couple was always meant to be a bit of fun. River and Benny were childhood sweethearts who liked to add a bit of spice every now and again and who was Mickey to turn them down!!
What none of them counted on was this casual hook up becoming more, way way more....
When he messes up though it has a fall out that none of them might survive.
Add in a hospital trip and an incident that makes all the trivial things in life seem like a waste of time and their story is one that will keep you hooked.
Not to be left out we see plenty of the rest of the band and their antics, we get to see Joey and Stoli and follow the love story we all wanted from the beginning. We get to see Diamond and his love life turn on it's head. The extended families also play a part in this brilliant third installment and I really didn't want it to end.
Please don't worry though, the boys will all be back for more and I know i'll be here waiting....
4.5 out of 5 stars
Sue x