Cross to Bare by Susan Mac Nicol

This book is one that has touched me, I have had the pleasure in the past of working in and then running a dressing service for transvestites.

To give these beautiful people a few hours to dress up and be who they longed to be was a wonderful experience.

Lenny's story tells the very real and accurate struggle that these ladies face in everyday life......

Lenny James has adopted an alter ego to run his business.

Laverne is very successful at what she does and is at the top of her game.

While they are both confident in who they are, to show both faces to a potential partner is something that they are reluctant to do.

They have lost in love before and don't want to risk it again.

When their personal and business lives collide, only time will tell if it will work out for them.

Brook Hunter had been seeing Lenny but when he made an offhand comment Lenny stopped returning his calls.

Not knowing what he has done wrong he relentlessly calls and texts, needing to reconnect.

When Lenny accepts a date, Brook goes all out to make sure its special.

What he doesn't realise is that Lenny has decided to tell him about the woman in his life, after all if Brook can't accept her there is no future for them.

While it is not something Brook could have ever imagined, he is willing to try, for Lenny's sake.

The struggles that Lenny faces are completely real, the prejudices he faces as Laverne from ignorant people, the fact that he is scared to share her with someone else who might not accept her and the worry that no one will ever love them both.

It is devastating to know that this is not just a book, but a real life situation for a lot of people, thats what makes it such an emotional read.

I love the fact that we get to meet our old friends again from the other books in the series and that Leslie is on such fine form.....

The story that developes between these 2 men is one of learning, understanding and love.

Yet again, Susan Mac Nicol has written a brilliant book.

5 out of 5 stars

Sue x