Saving Samuel by Nicole Colville

Milo and Daniel have been a couple for years, it hasn't always been easy and the off time in their relationship equals the on.

They don't live together, one is a clean freak and the other is just too messy.

They need something but neither of them know what!!!!!

When Daniel rescues a young girl from a burning building, then finds out that Milo wants to talk to her about arson, he becomes very protective.

What neither man realises is that the young girl, Sam is actually Samuel, a very beautiful young man.

Finding out that Samuel is homeless and hiding from someone, Daniel agrees to take him in and nurse him back to full health.

This just causes further problems for the couple as Milo is now too involved in the investigation.

What neither of them realise is just how involved they will all become.....

With tentative touches and sideways glances, Samuel is making his feelings towards Daniel quite clear. When he finds out that Daniel and Milo are actually together though, he feels guilty and tries to hide his feelings.

Daniel however has started to have feelings of his own for Samuel and when he puts an idea forward to Milo, they decide to take things slowly and see if Samuel would be interested in being with both of them.

As things develop between the men, the investigation goes deeper and Milo finds out just exactly who is after Samuel and what he has been through in his short life.

When his past comes back to haunt him and puts them all in danger, Samuel feels it would be best for all of them if they let him go.....

In the end it's not a decision he gets to make as an awful turn of events threatens to ruin everything.

Can anyone really Save Samuel.....

This was a brilliant start to the series and i can't wait for the rest.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x