Promises by A.E.Via

How much of yourself would you give to save the love of your life, even if he didn't know you felt that way......

Duke is a bounty hunter.

He lives alone after his one time fuck buddy went and fell in love.

Content with work and his friends, he has no need to find anyone else at the moment.

Enter Vaughan.....

Duke's best friends son is home for a visit and he isn't the little boy Duke remembers!!!!!

What he doesn't know is that for years, Vaughan has watched and lusted after him, waiting for the right time to make his move.

He wanted to be man enough for the big,bad bounty hunter and now he is.

Just as they are getting to know each other properly, Duke is involved in a bad job that leaves him fighting to stay alive.

Not willing to lose the man he has waited his whole life for, Vaughan does the only thing possible, he saves him.

His Dad is not overly happy with the situation, now his best friend and his boy are at risk....

The very handsome doctor looking after them both is an unwelcome distraction and not one he wants to face.

How will Duke feel when he finds out the lengths to which Vaughan has gone to save him.

Will Vaughan finally get the man he has loved forever?

This book was a beautiful story that gives us an insight into the meaning of true love, it shows us the way it should be....

I really loved the fact that the younger of the couple turned out to be the dominant male, giving his lover everything he needed while ultimately getting what he has always wanted.

A perfect love story.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x