Finding North by Carmen Jenner

For years Will and North had been best friends.

When Will finally admitted his feelings he was scared he was going to lose North but what happened was beyond his every waking dream.

It was what he had always secretly wanted, his best friends love....for a while it all seemed perfect but North knew it was something that no one could ever find out.

Eventually North knew what he had to do, although it hurt him more than he could bare, he had to let Will go, for his own safety.

His Dad was not the sort of man who would tolerate a gay son, hell, he hardly tolerated him as it was.

Not wanting to admit he was scared, he pushed Will away, called him names and finally ignored him altogether.

For years after they avoided each other whenever they could but with Will running the local bar and North being a regular it wasn't easy.

After a particularly heavy night, Will finds himself having to look after his old friend and they form an uneasy truce.

With the feelings resurfacing for both of them, the realisation that the only ones they ever loved had been each other, things begin to happen between them again.

Will is out of the closet and has never worried who knew but for North it's still something he can't do.

The old fear of rejection and hate scare him and the relationship is a very rocky one.

Some people though have noticed the two men together and when Will is attacked, North's youthful fears take on a frightening reality....

He knows now that this is something he should have faced up to years ago, hopefully it's not too late.

This is a lovely story of a love that spans many years, the need of the young lovers to be together but the prejudices of others getting in the way.

Two men who will do whatever they have to, to protect the one they love.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x