The Fireman in Unit C by Kris Cook

Before i start my review, can I please say that I want to live at Mockingbird place.....

When Jackson arrives home and finds one of the units is on fire, he panics, calls 911 and starts banging on the door to see if his friend is ok.

Eli lives in Unit C.

He is a fireman and the most gorgeous thing that Jackson has ever laid eyes on.

Unfortunately though there is an ex in the picture, one that won't go away...

The night of the fire, Eli is staying with Jackson when Scott turns up trying to claim his boyfriend. What Scott doesn't seem to realise is that as far as Eli is concerned, their was never a relationship in the first place, he was just being nice.

In typical Mockingbird style, the next day, everybody turns out to help Eli sort his apartment out, people are moving furniture, washing whatever is salvageable and generally cleaning up.

Till things are sorted, the simplest thing is for Eli to stay at Jackson's and the two men find themselves gravitating towards each other.

What they need to do however is get past the things that could be holding them back.

Scott seems to be a constant irritant, always demanding time from Eli, which for some reason he is willing to give.

Jackson thinks he has a reason for holding back, a guilt from his past that is eating away at him that he doesn't want Eli to see....

If there is ever going to be a relationship then the two men need to be honest and move on, everyone else can see they are perfect for each other, now they just need to open their own eyes.

This is a fabulous next instalment in the series and I am really looking forward to whatever couple the next book is about.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x