Strenthening Bonds by Ruby Macintyre

This is the 3rd book in the series and ties it all together beautifully.

We catch up with Chris and Tatum and watch their relationship develop.

We find Harry and Connor reconnecting after years apart .

This is where we find out about the way things work with Mark and Jesse.

Chris is still understandably apprehensive about using any type of bonds or blindfolds after the way he was treated and abused in a former relationship, here we find Tatum using all his Dom techniques to bring His Boy fully into his world.

Carefully and gradually we see Chris accept that what happened to him isn't the way a D/s partnership works and he lets Tatum try more things.

After his injury though, Tate seems to have now pulled back and Chris is left unsure as to whether the relationship is going anywhere.

Mark and Jesse have been a couple for years, only trouble is, Jesse's family don't know.

Mark has got to the stage where he is tired of living a lie, he wants full commitment from his man.

Jesse has noticed Marks recent distance, they haven't slept together for a while so being a typical man, he jumps to the conclusion that Mark is having an affair.

A heated discussion leads to a massive row and the accusation forces Mark to end things, only time will tell if it can be fixed.

Jesse hopes so because he soon realises he can't live without him......

Harry is still having bouts of self loathing about his past.

When Connor's mum left him with no option but to leave, he lived as a prostitute for years.

He is as unsure as ever as to whether he is truly worthy of Connor's love.

None of these guys have had it easy, there is a lot of baggage floating around that causes them all sorts of problems and heartache.

The author draws you in to each couple and makes you love them, lets you feel their pain and makes you want the HEA for them all......

A fantastic series, like all good things, its a shame it had to end.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x