Heat for Sale by Blake Moreno

Heat For Sale by Blake Moreno - 4 stars


Mpreg is not usually a trope that I will choose to read, however, because I am a massive fan of Blake Moreno’s alter ego, Leta Blake, I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t come across as daft, but really sweet and (almost) totally believable. There was a lot to like in this book, however, the main character, Omega Aiden, was my favourite. He is such an innocent due to his sheltered and religious upbringing, that everything he experiences is an absolute wonder. The author does well to convey that feeling in her descriptions, which helped me to connect with Aiden.


The story is about Aiden needing to fund his future studies. He is alone in the world and has no one to help support him and so the only thing he can do is sell his ‘heat’ for the badly needed funds. He is quite the prize considering this is his first heat and he is still a virgin. His natural Omega instinct does not seem to have kicked in, making him shy and reticent about giving himself to the highest bidder. Heath is the Alpha who wants him. It has everything to do with the fact that Aiden is the son of Heath’s beloved Omega, Nathan. Nathan has long since passed but they share a volatile and passionate relationship that left Heath grieving for his long lost lover. However, Nathan was not the perfect partner by any means and we learn more about him as the book progresses, however, Aiden knows nothing of Nathan and that discovery is hovering over our heads almost the entire way through the story. It makes for angsty reading.


When Heath wins the bid and takes Aiden to his secluded cabin designed expressly for heat couplings, the author really turns things up a few notches. The time spent there is described in great erotic detail and is incredibly intense. It was hot and sexy and more than a little bit filthy. It is hoped that Aiden will fall pregnant and when the good news comes, Heath takes him back to his home to care for him. this is when their relationship develops and Heath realises he likes Aiden for much more than being Nathan’s son.


Without giving any more of the plot away, we read how outside influences eventually take their toll on the intimate relationship Aiden and Heath shared during the pregnancy, and when the baby is born, there are decisions to be made…


I was intrigued by the whole Alpha, Omega, Beta, knotting thing… The word ‘slick’ is mentioned a lot which made me squirm, I’ll admit – it’s sounds deliciously dirty! All of these things put together in the context of the story, really did work. I enjoyed this book very much and am keen to read more of Blake Moreno’s work – it’s hot!