One on One by V.L. Locey

One-On-One: Cayuga Cougars #5 by VL Locey


I have read all the previous books in this series and enjoyed each one, however, I have to say this one really was special. There were no mad moments; tragedies, accidents or betrayals. No wickedness, weird fetish, kink or complication. Quite simply. It was a beautifully sensitive tale of two men falling in love.


The main character is Cayuga coach, Lancaster, originally from Augusta and now living by the side of the Cayuga lake. He came out as gay late in life and managed to stay on great terms with his ex-wife, their twenty year old twins Chaz and Charity, and her fiancé, James. He is estranged from his preacher father, but has made himself a nice life surrounded by his hockey family. All he needs now, at the age of 41, is to experience what it is like to be in a proper relationship with another man. Lan is not looking for hook-ups. He comes across as a delightful Southern gentleman and I loved his expressions and polite, friendly Southern ways. I so wish I could meet him for real as he seems such a lovable chap. Apparently, lucky for Lan, so does Townsend. He is an aide to the town Mayor and also sings with a local band. It was at a festival that Lan saw Town for the first time performing, and for all intents and purposes, promptly fell in love with his sexy voice, hot bod and pretty face.


The sultry, sweet developing relationship between these two adorable men, is set to the backdrop of ice hockey and the familiar men associated with the Cayuga Cougars. Vic Kalinski is as ornery as ever, while his husband Dan Arou-Kalinski and son Jack, help to keep him grounded and sober. Victor remains the epicentre of the Cayuga books despite the various other characters that have featured – ultimately, his HEA is the one we are all rooting for!  


The team shenanigans bring the story to life and immerse the reader in their daily challenges and triumphs making you feel like one of the family. The writing is descriptive and eloquent, and whilst not overly action packed, I found this latest book to be enthralling for its simplicity and emotion. The dynamics between the different factions was handled exceptionally well.


I highly recommend this series. It’s written very well and is a pleasure to read. I miss the in between times from book to book and can’t wait for the final three in the series.