Beat of Their Own Drum by K.M. Neuhold

I am a massive fan of this author so I already knew I would love this book going in to it. I didn't realise quite how much though.
Three men, a fabulous story and a dynamic that kept me hooked.
When you add in a bit of Daddy kink there isn't really much else I could ask for.....
With Bennett and Archer already having a past, when you add Jude in to the mix it becomes the perfect trio. He binds them together in a way they had never imagined.
His back story took my breath away at some points with how painful it was but it added so much!!
The kink factor is mild and I can't see it offending anyone, I would have loved more obviously but that's just my personal preference.
The drink and drugs are inevitable as that's why the three end up together so it has to be included.
All in all it was a brilliant third book in the series.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x