Speed Dating the Boss (Cowboys and Angels #1) by Sue Brown

 5 stars

What an easy book to review! It was a delight to read something so well put together. Overall I was captivated by the story and totally engaged with the two main characters.

Dan works at Cowboys and Angels which is a bar owned by his boss, Gideon. Dan is gay but the bar is not. Dan is in love with his boss - also not gay. With all the ‘not gayness’ going on in Dan’s life, it’s no wonder he can’t find himself a date to his best friend, Marty’s wedding. Gideon’s daughter, Ariel decides to set up a speed dating event for Dan and long, story, short - Mr Twenty is Gideon himself. He proclaims to be the perfect wedding date and what follows is the tale of how Dan’s unrequited love for his boss gets less and less unrequited! 

It sounds like a cliched story, but it is anything but that. It’s an intriguing tale with lots of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. Dan is not a typical gay man and Gideon is not a typical straight man. Following the tragic death of his wife and son, he has raised his daughter on his own and run a successful business, with little time for a love life. Dan is in his late twenties compared with Gideon’s mid-forties, yet he is mature and career minded and determined to succeed on his own terms. 

Not wanting to give anything else away, it won’t spoil the story to divulge that these two men are sexy, bold and quick witted, but with very individual character traits. The supporting cast are also great and I can’t wait for the Lionman’s story, which is coming next.

Well done to the author, Sue Brown, for writing a real page turner.