Love me Louder by Christina Lee

This was a really powerful book about self acceptance. It may not seem that way at first but one the character realises that he can be loved for himself and not shunned for his scars you will see what I mean.
Horribly burned as a child, Noah has spent his life knowing he won't find love and has settled for the odd, hurried hook up. That is if they can do it with their eyes closed!!
When an event arises that he can't face alone, he decides to pay for some help.
Will has given up on his dreams to look after his mum. Making ends meet isn't easy so the after hours work is a bonus...
Actually being employed by someone he knows isn't going to be easy but he needs the money. What neither men expected was the connection they would feel.
This book is just beautiful and goes to show that we are all worthy of love, you just have to find the right person.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x