The Beach House ( San Capistrano #1) by Angelique Jurd

 4 stars

Oh this was such a gorgeous love story. It wasn’t particularly exciting or thrilling or shocking, but it was a very lovely, sweet and satisfying read. The characters are both really well described and I felt like I got to know their personality traits very quickly. The dynamic between the two of them, Alex and Ben, is the basis for the entire story, and the author creates a wonderful tale around their developing relationship. I was drawn in from the start and felt very invested in the outcome. Alex is a complex man full of quirky character traits - the reasons for which are revealed as the story unfolds. Ben is the more stable and outgoing of the two men, who comes from a lively and eclectic background that he immediately invites Alex to share. It’s a revelation to Alex, that a family can be loving and supportive and open, as his own family have berated him and humiliated him and pretty much rejected him for being gay.  

This story is sexy and angsty and funny and heart wrenching. All the ingredients for a beautiful love story. I will definitely be reading the rest of the San Capistrano series.