Spark (North Star #1) by Posy Roberts

This was a wonderful start to a trilogy and I can't wait for the rest of it....
Two men, both with happy memories that have been slightly soured with time and the what if's.
They were always supposed to keep in touch, always supposed to end up together so what went wrong?
Sadly all the best laid plans when you are children, dreaming of the future, fall by the wayside as real life kicks in and these two are no exception to that.
As they rekindle the old flame we get to learn about where their lives have taken them and hardships faced along the way. The fact that neither man ever forgot their first love makes it a very tender, sweet story. It's a beautiful journey and one that I was pleased to be on with them. 
Looking forward to see where book two takes us.
4.5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x