AVANTI CHRONICLES, Corin's Chance by Hannah Walker

Dr Corin Talovich was being punished.

He had saved the life of a crew member before attending to one of his commanding officers and had basically been shunned by everyone.

He had been assigned to a crappy cruiser as the main doctor and was left to get on with it.

Only when he met the friends of the man he had saved did his life get any more bearable.

The Avanti were an elite squad of fighters, everyone feared them and they were now his best friends and brothers.

When the ship is damaged, the 6 men pair off into pods to save themselves but are split up on descent.

Corin is paired with Tate who has already been injured.

After suffering an injury himself on landing, the 2 men hide in a cave to keep themselves safe while they are healing.

It's there that they find a young girl being held hostage and rescue her, taking her back to her family.

What they didn't realise that her Dad and Uncle Kel were actually very high up in one of the planets clans and rescuing the young girl could actually be their downfall.

On meeting Uncle Kel, or Laird Kelin Tharn of the Derin clan as he is known, Corin finds himself instantly drawn to the man.

He can't explain it but there is a pull between them and he doesn't want to let go.

For Kel, the attraction is mutual.

On his world there is a thing called Truemates and he thinks he may have just found his. Only trouble is he knows this will be a massive problem for his father.

The relationship between the 2 develops and when Kel is painfully taken away from Corin, the betrayal he feels is like no other.

What he doesn't realise is that this was done to save his life.

With both men falling prey to a mystery illness, clans being infiltrated and taken over, the path to their forever seems like an impossible one.

Will Corin and Tate be reunited with the rest of the Avanti, will the other clans be able to help Kel and his brother and just what the hell is going on with Corin's stomach pains!!!!!!

This sort of book is not one i would normally read, I left paranormal behind with Twilight.

However, i must say that this was fantastically written, totally drew me in and i can't wait to hear the stories from the rest of the guys.

Each character in the book was so well described, you knew just who to love and hate.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x