Knight of Ocean Avenue by Tara Lain

Billy Ballew was in constuction.

He worked for others, even though he should have been his own boss. This was down to a pure fear of taking the final test, a fear he had had since childhood.

Charles Phillips or Shaz as he was known to his nearest and dearest was a fashion guru.

He dressed people for a living, weddings, events, you name it, Shaz did it.

Billy was just getting over another broken engagement when his sister announced that as a treat, for her wedding, he was to be primped and pampered.

While this was something he was dead against, he went along to please his sister.

What he didn't expect to find there was the reason that maybe all his relationships had failed.

The whole time Shaz was touching him, measuring him up and sorting out his hair, all Billy could think about was how hard he was getting.

Although he had jerked off to gay porn and sought out the odd blow job from a man, he didn't once consider that he might actually be gay.....

Shaz was having feelings of his own.

Suddenly his boyfriend wasn't looking as attractive to him, all he wanted was to see Billy again.

Trouble is, when he did see him it was trying to hook himself up for another blow job and in the end, Shaz ended up being the one to give it to him.

What with cheating boyfriends, Billy not actually being out and Shaz being a very out and in your face gay man, their relationship was never going to be an easy one.

Coming from different worlds, would they really fit into each others lives without one of them getting hurt.

In the end though, does anyone else really matter when you find the one you love.

Not every relationship is conventional and no 2 people are the same.

This was a beautiful book about sticking up for the one you love and living life the way you want to, not how others think you should.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x