The Marine in Unit A by Kris Cook

Oliver Lancaster lives in Mockingbird Place.

It's usually a wonderful, lively place to live but today is the funeral of his best friend and father figure Malcolm.

Malcolm was also the man that saved him from a life that could have been very different.

Adam Stockton is a Marine.

Today he is moving into Malcolm's old apartment and it couldn't have been a worse time, right in the middle of the funeral.

This is when Oliver and Adam meet.

Oliver is gay and proud of it, he is the president of the local LGBT group, campaigning for better rights.

Although he senses Adam is gay, he is very defensive for some reason, having been cheated on in the past.

The 2 men form a love/hate relationship, Oliver helping him to settle in and sort his apartment, getting him a security job on campus.

When Oliver's best friend Candy is attacked, it's Adam who saves the day.

Finally he admits that he is gay and has feelings for Oliver, their relationship develops and everyone they live with couldn't be happier for them.

Adam's Mum more or less adopts Oliver when she finds out what he has suffered in the past.

Both men have been through too much in their short lives but together they heal and grow.

This is a lovely story of how love can heal whatever we suffer.

i give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x