Saving Kane by Michele M Rakes

Garrett Young and Kane Abel meet in tragic circumstances.

Garrett is the paramedic who has been called to attend to the brutally beaten, raped and left for dead Kane.

To save his life at the scene he has to perform and emergency procedure that leaves Kane unable to speak properly or eat for months.

Garrett had been a firefighter.

After a horrific call out that left him badly burned, he now suffers from PTSD and when his medication fails he turns to drink to drown out the constant noise and pain he feels.

His girlfriend can no longer cope with his episodes and decides to give them both some time to think, trouble is when Garrett thinks, it only makes it worse.

Kane was a beautiful young man.

Everyone who sees him wants him, he is very selective though after the childhood he endured where his parents would sell him to the nearest man, for them to do whatever they wanted, just to get drug money.

One night, he finally gives in to the loneliness and goes home with a man who has been at the bar, flirting for weeks.

Turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

What happens to him is worse than anything he has ever endured and it leaves him, barely alive on the steps to his building.

This is when he meets Garrett.

For the 2 men, this meeting, however tragic, will be their salvation.

They begin to rely on each other in ways they could never have imagined and they gradually fall in love.

For Garrett its scary as he always thought he was straight.

For Kane its scary as he doesn't know if he should ever trust another man again.

When they find out who the attacker was however, things get seriously dangerous and Kane doesn't think he will make it out alive.

Little does he know that Garrett will fight to the death for the man he loves.

This is a beautiful book about 2 very broken men and how the love that develops helps to heal them.

The other characters in the book each play a part in bringing the men together and even their stories are fantastic.

It is a brilliantly written story. 5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x