Made in Portugal by Ana Newfolk

4 stars
I really enjoyed this sweet romance. It was sexy, well written and very engaging. Both main characters were likeable and believable and the supporting cast were also great. The story flowed really well and had a healthy amount of angst, lust, heartache and joy. The story was set mostly in Portugal and I enjoyed the references to the language, culture and country. It was all in context and built a wonderful imagery in my head. 
Joel was ten years old when his parents brought him back from Portugal to live in New York. They visited every summer for four more years, during which time, Joel maintained his close friendship with David. Joel and David's mums were best friends their entire lives, so it made sense for their boys to grow close. At the age of fourteen the boys share a kiss, but Joel returns to the US and they don't see one another again for over ten years. Joel goes back to visit his grandparents following the tragic death of his parents, and this is when David and Joel re-connect. There is a definite attraction there but David is not out whereas Joel very much is. 
The story is delightful, including lots of friends and family involvement along the way. The passion is like a slow burn but once it gets going, the sex is hot. The plot is a great one and quite original, plus David is a baker and a real foodie, so there are many culinary references along the way.
I recommend this book for an enjoyable and engaging sweet read. I would definitely like see more of these boys, and suspect there may be another story involving two of the other characters - I sincerely hope so.