Psychic Men (Hunt&Cam4ever#5)

Psychic Men: Hunter Dane Investigation 3 (Hunt&Cam4 Ever Book 5) by Adira August - 5 stars
Why I love this series so much is because of the balance between excellent story telling with a plot line that is intelligent and compelling, combined with a study of the dynamic between two extremely complex men. It's a read on another level than requires intense concentration and focus. I do so enjoy a challenge because the rewards are so much greater...
Hunt and Cam are on another case, but this is no ordinary investigation. There are psychic forces at play here. I don't really enjoy stories that touch on paranormal, yet Adira August tells it in such a way that it all seems perfectly believable, and I was drawn in from the very first page. Her writing style is also a little bit different - she switches perspective all over the place, yet I didn't ever lose the thread of the story. That requires a lot of skill in my opinion; to be done successfully. 
In addition to Hunter Dane and Camden Snow, we meet other characters that support the duo and feature in the story. Asher is a 14 year old boy with the ability to see beyond, and Mike Merisi is a cop who assists in the investigation. He's also a Dom, like Cam, which is interesting. Asher is amazing. Together, with Hunt's team behind, the four of them proceed to find out just who 'Jason Furney' really is and why he seems intent on killing a seemingly inconsequential neighbour of Cam's, called Minnie. It's all very intriguing with lots of twists and turns to keep you constantly curious. 
And, of course, fans of Hunt and Cam will not be disappointed. There is plenty of D/s action coupled with quite a bit of anger, anxiety, angst, guilt, defiance, love and hope. What a phenomenal mix of everything that just makes your heart rate spike and crash all the way through! 
Another fantastic book from Adira August, who is fast becoming one of my all time favourite MM 'go to' authors.