Overtime (Cayuga Cougars #4) by V.L. Locey

Overtime (Cayuga Cowboys 4) by V.L. Locey – 5 stars


Oh, how I love this series. The Cayuga Cowboys are so cool, and this latest book which focuses on Sander March, does not disappoint. V.L. Locey has turned up the heat with this one. Instead of the main character dealing with one new love interest, Sander gets to work his way into two hearts!


Sander used to date Dan Arou-Kalinski. In the past three books we have gotten to know Dan Arou and his husband Vic Kalinski very well and it is no surprise that Vic does not take well to Sander being on the team. As the coach, Vic gives Sander hell on the ice, but it is off the ice that Sander’s true nightmares lie in wait. Sander’s brother-in-law is about to get out of prison and all Sander can focus on is keeping his sister and his niece safe, and keep the panic attacks at bay. His anxiety is escalating, yet he won’t take his meds as that money goes to his sister.


Sander meets Mateo at a work related dinner and they hit it off immediately. They make plans and Sander gets to meet Noah, Mateo’s boyfriend. Mateo is a hot, Baseball playing Puerto Rican whereas Noah is a quiet, anxiety laden Manga artist. The two could not be more different, yet Sander finds them equally attractive and it seems the feeling is mutual.


The rest of the book deals with the changes in Sander’s life regarding his relationship status and the threat of his violent and abusive brother-in-law coming to exact revenge on him and his family for going to jail. It’s all very exciting.


The storyline is enthralling and is filled with chills and thrills. The cast of characters both old and new are extremely engaging, and of course, there is a lot of relevant hot sexy stuff going on. I practically inhaled the words off the page and I can’t wait for the next tale in the series.