Something About You by Riley Hart

I pretty much love everything that this author writes and this was no exception...
We have a rock steady, hometown boy who dotes on his family as much as they dote on him. The youngest of his siblings, he has always been looked after and babied but is trying to find his own place in the family.
Particularly close to his grandmother and her best friend, he contacts a long lost grandson with the hopes of putting a smile on the old lady's face.
Little does he realise just what a can of worms he might be opening up when Saint comes to town.
Thinking he had no family left, finding out he has an elderly grandma who wants to see him is a shock to the system, as is the small town where she lives.
The two men clash from the start but are soon forced into a situation they can't get out of by a pair of scheming old women....
A wonderful story of love, forgiveness amd acceptance and I really felt like I connected with the characters.
As always, perfectly written and well thought out story.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x