Up In The Air 2 (West Coast) by George Loveland

I loved the first book and as we all know, sometimes the follow up isn't as good. With this series however you have absolutely nothing to worry about as George Loveland completely captures your attention, drags you in, wraps you in a comforting story and refuses to let you go.
This was an absolutely lovely book about two men, one who tries to drink his pain away and settles for meaningless fumbles and one night stands, and the other who is insecure in his own way but when he sees Max he knows exactly what he wants. Now all he has to do is stand up and be counted. 
Seemingly stand offish and very curt, Max is put off by Antonio, not the man himself but the way he acts towards him.
With someone trying to sabotage his career and love seemingly out of reach, will he let the brooding, gorgeous man in and give him a chance? 
The perfect book if you want a heartwarming story of love and a HEA.
 5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x