Us Again by Nell Iris

4 stars
This was a short, sweet, easy read, which left me with all the happy feels. The story is about Alexander and Samuel and their rocky relationship. They have been split up for seven lonely, angst ridden months, when Alex gets a call from Sam's brother to say he is in the hospital. Circumstances lead them to examine what brought them to gather and ultimately broke them apart. They question everything, especially as they realise they are both still in love with each other. But, is that enough to make them try again, or is the thought of it not working far too painful a risk?
There is nothing shocking or surprising or even terribly original about this story. But sometimes, you just need a quick reminder that love can be the only tonic you need and how wonderful life can be with the right person in it. the story was well written and constructed. For such a quick read, I felt the author did a good job making sure the reader did not come away short changed. Very nice indeed.