Flash Me (A Heathens Ink novel) by K.M. Neuhold

So here we are again, back with some of my favourite characters of all time. Not only do I love them individually but they are also family, some by blood, some by friendship.
This is Liam's turn and I was so hoping that this beautiful young man would find someone special to love him after all he's been through. When he finds two such men my heart literally melted for him.
It was a slow build to their story which was nice, it was never going to be an easy, love at first sight for these three and that's ok. It fits with their stories.
The friendship always had to come first but it works!!
I think the author was very sensitive in the way it was all written, Liam being FTM was always going to be tricky to write without research and it shows just how much went in to this book.
History has always been an important part of the story with these books and these men are no exception.
Yet again another fabulous addition to the series.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x