Looking Forward by Michael Bailey

This book contains so much pain and loss that it's at times hard to read. The main character, Owen, is honestly just fighting to stay afloat.
His whole world has been taken from him and he isn't sure if he can cope.
Luckily he has what we all need, friends. His are the sort that will hold your hand and stand by your side no matter what.
The book spans the decades and when Owen thinks he finally has his life on track, the past comes back to either make or break it.
Sometimes what we dream about, the memories that we hold aren't always the thing that will save us, sometimes it's been there all along...
I have never read this author before but will most definitely pick up more of his work. I was really impressed with the flow and feel of the story and the emotions that I felt while reading parts were quite powerful.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x