The Flesh Cartel Series by Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau

When brothers Mat and Dougie Carmichael thought they had lost just about everything, they didn't realise exactly what they had left to lose.....

Taken by a very organized human trafficking ring, the brothers were left bloodied, beaten, raped and totally dehumanised until they were finally sold to a man who would shape their future.

The only saving grace was that they were sold together, being brothers was all they had left but soon this would be just a distant memory as well.

Nikolai Petrovic was a master at his job.

He bought the slaves at auctions and trained them to be submissive, completely wiped the memory of their former lives till all that was left was the perfect hole....

When they were ready to leave him, all they wanted to do was not let him down because if they were good he would eventually buy them back.

One of his former purchases, Roger was on hand to help with the training and torture.

Mat had been bought for a client with very specific requests, that he fought back at all times, resisted his new master till he was beaten in to submission.

Dougie was an unexpected purchase, no owner in mind but the brothers had come as a pair.

For Nikolai this turned out to be a bonus as the threat of hurting Dougie was the only thing that kept Mat in line.

Wiping the younger boy's memory of his brothers love was easier than expected. Nikolai used the fact that Mat would be disgusted at what he had seen Dougie do and had turned his back on him.

The mind games at play in this book were incredible, the brothers never stood a chance.

The whole series is played out over 19 books, we see them sold to a Master who is so totally depraved it's brilliant.

The things they have to endure to survive are so inhuman it's sometimes hard to read.

Douglas has given up and embraces his new life, his soul purpose now is to get back to Nikolai, Mat however never gives up, he may give in at times but the overiding need to save the only thing left in the world that he loves, keeps him going.

This series is addictive, I didn't read them as they were released but spent a very satisfied few days devouring them back to back.

The emotional rollercoater the story envoked is one that will stay with me for a long time.

 A perfectly debauched, depraved read but in the very best way.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x