Temptation Series by Ella Frank

Take one tall, dark and extremely handsome lawyer, add in a very sexy bartender and what have you got, one of the hottest series of books going, that's what!!!!!

Logan Mitchell worked hard, played hard and lived his life like the eternal batchelor, sleeping with whoever he wanted to whenever he wanted to, men and women....

Tate Morrison was trying to start over, going through a messy divorce, all he wanted was to escape his past and try and build a future for himself. 

He was a bartender, good at his job, loved to flirt with the ladies. 

And he had never, ever considered being with a man......

Enter Logan!!!!!!

Going to the bar under his offices was something he did a couple of times a week. He had slept with pretty much most of the staff that worked there and his reputation preceded him.

When he set his sights on Tate however he realised that this would be a challenge, and one he was looking forward to.

Although the ladies liked to flirt with him, Tate was quite shocked when he realised the man at the end of the bar was trying it on. He tried to play it off and not be rude because he didn't want to lose his new job by being rude to a customer but this man didn't seem to want to take no for an answer.

What shocked him even more was that after a few days of being rudely propositioned, he was actually thinking of Logan when he got home at night and wondering if maybe it was something he could try.

One night he decides to do just that and turns up at Logan's. 

Knowing that this is a first for Tate, Logan goes slow, something he never does, usually he takes what he wants, hard and fast. For some reason though he realises there is something different about Tate and he doesn't want to scare him off. 

After their first kiss, they both feel something happening between them and what develops scares them both for different reasons.

Logan has had his heart broken by a man before and decided never to fall in love again, Tate is concerned that his very proper, catholic family will never accept that he wants to be with a man.

For both of them however, love is something they can't hide from and when Tate's family disown him and the man that broke Logan's heart comes back into his life, they realise how much they need each other and nothing is going to stand in their way. 

When an accident happens that threatens to tear them apart, they finally admit their feeling to one another and decide that whoever wants to be there for them can be, and whoever is against them will just have to deal with it because nothing will get in the way of the happiness they both feel and the life they want to make together.

This is possibly one of the best mm series that I have read.

5 out of 5

Sue x