Cut & Run Series by Abigail Roux


Destroyed, Distraught, Devastated.......that's where I am right now.

When I am reading a series, as soon as a new book is out I do a total reread, normally just skimming through to remind myself what's happened before. This series however is a totally different ball game. There is no way you can skim Ty and Zane, I have to read every word and fall in love with them all over again.

I love m/m books but these are on another level, the stories are just as fabulous as the men themselves......

The reading order is as follows

Cut and Run

Sticks and Stones

Fish and Chips

Divide and Conquer

Armed and Dangerous 

Stars and Stripes

Touch and Geaux

Ball and Chain

Crash and Burn

When the men first meet it is an instant dislike on both sides. Ty Grady is the out of control, do as I like, FBI agent who no one has any control over. Zane Garrett is the do it by the book, yes Sir, no Sir type.

To their absolute horror they are partnered together to solve a high profile case that has resulted in 2 agents already being killed, one of those was part of Ty's Force Recon team in the Marines, so this is personal for him. 

As you will soon find out, none of their cases go exactly to plan and the list of injuries they both suffer gets longer with every book. 

As much as they hate each other, being forced to share a hotel room has them looking at each other in a different light and soon that hate turns to lust, then as their lives together continue, absolute love......

These 2 men go through being chained up and bricked in a wall and left to die, blinded, being struck by a voodoo curse, mauled by a cougar, protected by a tiger, shot, stabbed and betrayed over and over agin by the very people they thought had their backs. They fight, they argue, they leave and they love.

Throughout their story you get to meet the families and friends who have made them who they are today, these people are just as important as the men themselves.

Crash and Burn was the last book in the series and as I finished it last night, I did so with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes. I will never forget these 2 and I am sure I will revisit with them one day.

5 out of 5 for me

Reviewed by Sue