A Love to Remember by Sarah Hadley Brook

A Love to Remember by Sarah Hadley Brook - 3.5 stars
This was really difficult to rate because I actually thought it was a very good story that was well written and obviously well researched. However, just as I was getting into it, the story ended! It was such a short book. I think for something this intense, it required more depth and longer to absorb. 
Graham is part of a family that sadly has seen many of its members succumb to Alzheimer's. Graham's Dad has early onset and Graham decides to move him to their cabin by the lake and look after him himself. On his last night of freedom, Graham hooks up with a gorgeous, hunk of a man and enjoys anonymous sex in the car park. Graham doesn't date or do boyfriends because he fears he will also succumb to Alzheimer's and can't face his love leaving him. Thus, Graham decides he will make a life for himself as his Dad's carer. The first few weeks were hard and Graham has to admit he needs help. Imagine his surprise when the nurse he has hired though an agency turns out to be the man he last had sex with who, unusually, hasn't been far from Graham's thoughts. Sam is a godsend and the three men settle into a great routine that sees Graham's Dad cope better with his disease. The attraction between Sam and Graham grows and the story goes on to describe their developing relationship. 
Of course Graham is fraught with trepidation about getting into a relationship - Sam however, has fallen hard for Graham and wants everything with him. 
The author describes the emotional state of all three main characters wonderfully, and I found myself utterly engaged with the story. The sex was hot too. The way Graham and Sam are with each other is really special and I think the author could have spent longer exploring their relationship and how it fitted in with their lives; Graham's Dad, and their jobs. However, as soon as things looked like they were heading in the right direction, I felt the author rushed the ending, and before I knew it, I was reading the epilogue. I was quite disappointed which is effectively, a compliment to the author! I wanted to read more....
I would still recommend reading this book as I feel this author has worked hard to produce a quality piece of work. Just wish it had been longer.