Let Me In by Luna David

I think perfect is the only way to describe this book...
Daddy kink has always been one of my favourites. I love the total difference in age and build, the way the daddy always looks after his boy, the whole thing.
Add to this one the way they meet, the boy who's moving on finding a replacement so his daddy won't be lonely and it is just brilliant.
Of course there are a few bumps and roadblocks along the way which make this a serious page turner.....
Liam hasn't had an easy life and longs to be looked after. Cash is helping his boy, Tommy to start a new life and career and is facing some time alone. When Tommy places an ad to find someone to look after his daddy, Liam seems perfect, his needs and looks match daddys requirements exactly.
What will happen though when this hot daddy tries to keep the boy's heart safe for his own good? When Liam feels he isn't quite enough, you just know it's going to be hard to read because you feel the emotions coming off the page.
There were times in the book that I wanted to shout at Cash and hug Liam and then times when I wanted to bash their heads together.
All in all a really good book that made me feel all warm inside and very excited to see what the series holds.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x