His Truth by Riley Hart

Two kids, same heritage but totally different lives. Roman had been brought up the son of a criminal, Leo the son of a respected judge.
They were never destined to meet, let alone be together but sometimes life has its own agenda...
For two sixteen year olds, the wonder of discovery and exploration of their feelings was special. They had never thought about who they were attracted to before but they both knew they were in love.
Then their secret was exposed and what happened next to Roman blew their world apart.
Meeting up again wasn't in either of their plans but yet again life decided their fate. Could they both get over what had happened to them? How would Leo react when he found out the real reason he had been abandoned by the love of his life?
This is a powerful, well written story that shows us that things aren't always what they seem and sometimes the truth isn't always what we want to hear....
Yet again Riley Hart has blown me away.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x