Five Dares by Eli Easton

An interesting story, two young men, longtime friends and pranksters get injured in their latest stunt.
I know this book should have kept me hooked but for some reason it just didn't.
I liked the two guys, Andy and Jake. They had different backgrounds and had grown up relying on each other. Their whole life had been a series of dares, each a little bit more dangerous.
We see them end up in hospital after the last explosive mishap and I waited for the real fireworks to start....
I had read the blurb and wanted them to be together, the going back to previous dares felt a bit annoying and had me skipping pages sadly.
The premise was good, the little bit of togetherness and the timid way they did it was perfect but sadly I wanted more. M ore what I'm not sure, just more!
Having said that we are all different and this may be the book for you. Whatever my feelings are on the story, it was well written as always by this author.
3.5 uot of 5 stars.
Sue x