Bearest of Them All by Kiki Burrelli

Well this was a type of book I never thought I would like. I've read werewolves and vampires, even the odd alien but Bears, no!!
Who knew what I'd been missing out on....
So I entered this series at book 4 but I will be heading off now to one click the rest of them.
We meet Jack, family outcast, sole benificiary of his grandfather's fortune. The land he has been left must be developed in order for him to retain it.
Gideon is the youngest in his family and always feels like the odd one out. When he meets Jack in a bar in town, a quick fumble in the toilets turns out to be the start of something good for both men.
What they don't yet realise is that they will be at odds over the land...
Mating with an outsider was never the plan but Gideon soon realises that Jack is his and stops at nothing to keep his man..
Throw in a jealous ex, some conniving parents and the fact that Jack can now get pregnant and it all makes for a wonderful story.
I loved the dynamic between the two men, the power that Gideon exudes but how compliant he becomes when faced with his future. And Jack, always so meek but his strong side shows when his love is threatened.
I can't wait to get stuck in to the books I missed.
5 out of 5 stars.
Sue x