Asylum (Pride and Joy #2) by Robert Winter

I can't even imagine what it must be like to live in fear in your own home, to be hated and hunted, living with the threat of death to yourself and your family. 
Hernan had been targeted and had made the mistake of speaking out against a gang known for murdering anyone who dares to point the finger at them.
We see the news all the time about those who try to escape from hardship in their own country. Here we get to see just a small glimpse of the arduous journey, the danger these people face just to try and be safe.
What happens to Hernan haunts his every dream....
The other main character, Colin, has a very different kind of life. He has lived one of privelige but it hasn't been without it's own challenges.
He has tried to make a difference by helping those in need of asylum. Taking on cases of the desperate and persecuted.
On a drunken night, Colin needed saving and Hernan has been the one to rescue him. This story is all about him paying back the man who had saved his life.
Along the way both men fight trust issues and face fears from their pasts. Maybe together they can have the future they deserve.
Ver beautifully written, I can imagine that the author tried very hard to do it sympathetically and it definitely comes across in the story.
5 out of 5 stars.
 Sue x