Before the Dawn by Louisa Mae

Before the Dawn by Louisa Mae - 5 sexually charged and erotic stars


Louisa Mae suddenly got very interesting! Not that her other books aren’t fab – I love them all, but this one…oh my gosh, it was punchy, raw, sexy and deliciously explicit. This is the type of MM that appeals to me most, when the men don’t hold back and the story is rough and verging on the depraved – this book was much more on the erotica scale than romance that’s for sure.


Ethan main goal in life is to have a good time. He takes drugs, parties hard and enjoys sex with anyone willing. His character is flighty and carefree and he is very ‘in the moment’. He definitely isn’t looking for anything permanent but when Karl appears on the scene, he finds the older man intriguing and utterly irresistible.


Karl is in a long term relationship with the love of his life and soul mate, Zayn. Together they rip up the sheets and indulge in active and extreme forms of sex. They are satisfied that their futures will be long and happy together. Until one day Ethan Stone turns that all on its head. Karl can’t believe he could feel anything for another man as he’s convince Zayn is his soul mate, but there’s something about Ethan that compels Karl to discover what it is about the young man that has stirred his senses.


This book is not for the faint of heart. It is hard core sex, violence, drugs and the like. It’s what makes it so exciting and let’s just say it wasn’t only Karl who’s senses were stirred!


The book is fairly short and I wasn’t expecting to get that much out of it to be honest other than hot sex scenes and maybe a happy ever after ending. WRONG! The characters are well developed and enticing all in their own ways. The story is engaging with much more to it than merely boy meets boy and then meets another boy. Karl is not what he seems – looks can indeed be extremely deceptive. When his secret is revealed it becomes understandable why his needs are great and extreme. Can both his men cope with a possible new set of circumstances – read the book and find out for yourselves. Highly recommend; highly….